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What’s the cost of full-time daycare and what to look for?

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For working parents, daycare centers are the basic need. With more people into jobs and businesses, daycares have understood that their services are more of a need than a luxury now. Daycare centers are the most reliable option as no nanny is going to take days off, no matter what the reason. Also, daycare comes as a better choice because your child can explore a variety of opportunities than what he can do at home.

He can paint, play, interact, and learn a lot of skills. Another benefit is the sense of satisfaction you achieve. You know that your child is in safer hands. He is on a positive path of personality development. But there’s one thing that might make you give a second thought to send your child for fulltime daycare. Yes, the cost of fulltime daycare!
What’s the cost of fulltime daycare for my child?

The simple answer is, 'it varies.'

Daycare for babies and toddlers costs more than daycare for older kids. This is because younger babies need fulltime supervision and require an on-duty childcare provider in the room all the time. At times, there is more than one.

According to the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA), the average cost of full-time daycare in the United States is $972 a month. According to the area, it might range from $300 to $1200 a month. However, some states have higher daycare costs, while others offer more affordable daycare.

Some of the most expensive daycare states include New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, California, and Illinois.

The services you require for your child also contribute towards the cost. The level at which a private daycare is operating is also an important factor.

However, you need not send your child to daycare every day a week. If you have the weekend off from work, it can make a significant difference to what you pay for daycare at the end of a month (or start, as per the policy requirements).
Factors behind the cost of fulltime daycare

So when calculating the cost of fulltime daycare for your child, you need to look into different factors. Only then, you can calculate the average cost and determine if that's affordable. Following are some factors that count in:
1. Location

Again, the very first thing is the location. If you live in one of the six expensive states mentioned above, prepare yourself for paying higher childcare costs. But if that's not the case, you can search for different daycare centers in your area and compare the average costs.
2. Food provided

Some daycare centers offer food to your children two to three times a day. Others require parents to send a lunch box with their child. If the daycare center offers food service, it is obviously going to add to the cost. See if you can opt-out of that option.
3. Extracurricular activities

Daycare centers that provide extracurricular activities such as art, sports, gymnastics, karate, language learning, etc. charge an extra fee. So if you want your kid to have a great time at daycare, going for a daycare that offers extracurricular activities is a good option.
4. Educational programs

While some daycares offer extracurricular activities, others follow a full-fledged educational program for toddlers. Accordingly, the cost varies.
5. Health and medical facilities

Basic health and medical facilities such as first aid or high-end medical facilities, if unfortunately your child had an accident and requires emergency medical assistance, come with a cost. So if a daycare provides such services, it is definitely going to add that to monthly costs.
6. Transportation

If you cannot pick and drop your child, you need to go to a transportation facility. Daycares often offer bussing service to pick and drop toddlers safely.
7. Luxury factor
Another important thing that counts is the luxury level you need for your child. Elite families often go for a complete daycare institution with furbished walls and furniture, high-end facilities, and so. However, if you are an average earning parent, going for an average daycare is good enough for your child.
What to look for?

When you are choosing a fulltime daycare for your child, you need to look into several things. The cost is not the only important factor. If you have to send your child to daycare, be satisfied with daycare philosophy, environment, staff, facilities, etc. All of this will eventually contribute to the personality development of your kid.

So, some significant things to look into are:
The core theme and the idea of daycare

Some daycares just offer care and protection for your child, while others have a unique core theme. For some, it's faith-based growth. But mostly, it's skill development or education-based learning.

Before sending your child to daycare, you must have thought what a daycare means to you. Also, what you want daycare to do for your child. So when looking for a daycare, see if the major service goes with the cost you are going to pay, rightly.

The environment of a daycare contributes to the cost, but more importantly, it puts an impact on your child, positive or negative. A healthy and positive environment will make your child learn a great deal. The environment takes in the aesthetics of the place, the behavior and attitude of staff, and the people or other kids your child is going to interact with.

If the contrary, your child is growing in a negative environment, which is a bad influence.

As facilities decide the cost, make sure you are not compromising on any basic facility just to save yourself a few dollars. Know that food, extracurricular, and medical facilities are very important, especially for toddlers.
Final Thoughts

When it comes to daycare for your child, the cost is definitely something you will have to worry about. Every middle-income parent does. It might be difficult to make a room in the budget for childcare costs. However, calculating the cost based on significant factors can help you greatly.

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