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What are your tuition fees?

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How to decide on a PreKindergarten?

How to decide on a PreKindergarten?

Prekindergarten offers early education to your child before he is ready to be admitted to
kindergarten. This education and learning are not mandatory; however, it has become a trend to
send kids to prekindergarten to learn, interact, and develop some significant young age skills.
With that, choosing the right pre-kindergarten becomes a major responsibility of parents. As
most prekindergarten schools are private institutions, they differ in concepts, quality, and
prekindergarten philosophies. Some of these are education-based, some are play-based while
others offer both education and fun.
Following is a step-by-step guide to deciding on prekindergarten for parents who are going to
have the first experience with prekindergarten for their first kid.

Step 1. Prepare your mind.

The very first thing you need to do before sending your child to prekindergarten is preparing
your own mind. Some parents opt for prekindergarten just because every parent they know is
going for it. That’s wrong. You must be mentally prepared to send your child to prekindergarten.
Only then, you can choose the right prekindergarten for him.
Your child is going to spend some time away from home.
Keep it in mind that your child is going to spend some time away from home. While he is not at
home, you need not worry about him all the time. Most parents admit their child to
prekindergarten but are worried till he comes back home. This is especially the case when it's
your first child, or you are an overprotective parent.
What you want him to learn at prekindergarten?
Think about the basic things you want to learn your child at prekindergarten. Whether you want
a more education-focused approach, faith-based approach, or something that helps your child
take education as fun rather than a burden?
Thinking about this helps you through the next step.

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Step 2. Know aboutprekindergarten philosophies/trends.

Different pre kindergarten is established on different philosophies and trends. Some significant
approaches are Montessori, faith-centered, play-based, and combined. If you have decided
what you want your child to learn at prekindergarten, you will be able to choose the approach

Montessori approach

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The Montessori approach focuses on each child individually. He learns and grows at his own
pace. There is no competition to win in. If you want individual learning, mental and physical
nourishment of your child, the Montessori approach is the best idea.


Faith-centered prekindergarten is the ones that are run by churches or faith organizations.
These mostly focus on developing religious practices and values in your child at a very young
age, along with education.
These prekindergarten offer exploring, skill development, sports, fitness, arts, and fun-based
learning. If you want your child to explore his self, learn in a healthy environment, indulge in
extracurricular activities more often, and develop different new skills, this is the best approach.
Combined approach
A combined approach comes with a balance between education and play. Here, your kid learns
that he has to study at the time of study and play at the time of extracurricular.

Step 3. Find about all theprekindergarten schools nearby.

Next, find all the prekindergarten schools in your area. These should be at walking or driving
distance. If you are unable to pick and drop your child, find prekindergarten that offers bussing
service. To find all the prekindergarten schools nearby, you can:

Ask friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Asking for recommendations is always a good idea. It mostly ends you up with the best option.
The same is the case with prekindergarten. Talking to friends, neighbors, and relatives whose kid
is going to prekindergarten or has been to one can help you find good prekindergarten for your

Google it up.

Look upon the internet to find the best prekindergarten. You can see the ratings, read the
reviews, and know about the core ideas, teaching methodologies, and a lot more.
Make a list
Take a piece of paper and pen down all the schools you are looking up. Eventually, you will have
a list of some prekindergarten schools you found better than others. Now, you know which ones
you need to focus on and choose among.

Step 4. Make a visit.

To choose the best one, the best practice is to visit all the schools on your list. While visiting
each of them, there are some important factors to keep in mind, such as:
The environment should be aesthetic and creative. It must attract attention. Cleanliness and
maintenance should be regular. Also, your child must feel safe and secure. It is essentially

important for your satisfaction that your child is not only physically but mentally and
emotionally safe as well.
Ask for the curriculum. See what your child is going to learn and at what pace. You will know if
the curriculum suits your child's interest and offers new opportunities and self-exploration.
Make sure the curriculum adheres to the philosophy/approach of the very prekindergarten. This
way, your child will learn what you intend him to.


The most important facilities include medical aid, food, and toilets. Each facility should be up to
the mark. It is important to have a sense of satisfaction that your child is going to
prekindergarten that offers quality facilities.
The teachers and other staff should be cooperative, trained, and welcoming. They should have
good behavior, professionalism, and a tendency to handle young kids politely. It makes your
child want to go to his prekindergarten every day.
Final Step. Choosing the best one out of all.
Now, you are in a good position to draw a comparison between your final choices and choose
the best one out of all. This way, you can decide on the right prekindergarten for your child.


The idea of prekindergarten is based on healthy learning, early education, and skill development
at a young age. Before your child reaches the kindergarten age, it is good for him to know
educational basics, have communication skills and moral values. Therefore, decide on
prekindergarten for your kid with great focus and devotion using the above step-by-step guide.