Monday, September 30, 2019

Why 2000 Days Daycare in Calgary

Why 2000 Days Daycare in Calgary

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Why 2000 Days daycare Calgary Alberta

We have an amazing 2500 play area in our yard that is fenced in and secure. With the perfect combination of nature and city. Half of our play area is grass with a beautiful tree and our garden. The other half is asphalt so our children can ride bikes or write chalk.

Built it with the community
Even more amazing is the brand new play commercial play structure that is a 2 minute walk from our school. We helped get this city project off the ground. We volunteered and built it with the community. Now it has paid off by having a gorgeous playground for our children to use.
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Monday, September 23, 2019

Why Montessori Daycare in Calgary

Montessori Daycare  



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Infant day care and childminding are often the same sorts of programs. Childminding is a broader term that can include watching children during the evening or at night, as well as during normal work hours. Regardless of how the term is used, most childminding centers and day care programs offer similar sorts of programs for families. They allow parents to work while having reliable professionals watch their kids. However, infant day care can offer much more than simple supervision. It offers an outlet for socialization, fun activities, basic education, and social/emotional development.   Large Day Care vs. Home-based Childminding

Day programs are generally much larger and allow kids to interact with more people. On the other hand, this also means exposure to more germs and potentially less of a relationship between childminders and kids. Home childminding programs may have fewer kids and a better staff to student ratio. However, there may also be fewer activities, more TV watching, and fewer structured curriculums and activities. This is not necessarily the case, however, and the curriculums vary from one family program to the next. Larger programs also tend to be more expensive and may have more rigid curriculums while family centers tend to be more flexible and cheaper.

Academic Success and Education

Additionally, some infant day care programs specifically emphasize academic success and education. The main focuses of such programs are educational development in terms of language skills, artistic skills, cognitive skills, and physical development. These programs may also focus on social and emotional skills. One major aspect is trying to help kids work on good behavior.

Behavioral Modeling

One major model for helping kids develop good behavior is called the Positive Behavior Intervention & Support Initiative (PBIS). This is the program used by the U.S. Department of Education in their Office of Special Education Programs for helping kids grow and succeed. PBIS is a program for promoting good behaviors in kids, and it also offers teachers and staff techniques and strategies on how to get these behaviors across most effectively. For example, one strategy is to teach kids what they should do and what is expected of them, rather than focusing on what they shouldn't do. This model is based on research on children's behavior and is implemented in many schools and infant day care programs as a model for how to ingrain good behaviors in kids.

2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten 5728 1 St SW Calgary, AB T2H 0E2 (403) 319-2332
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Monday, September 16, 2019

Daycare In Calgary Alberta

Daycare In Calgary Alberta 


We live in a society in which parents who drop their children at a daycare are often looked down upon. However, the same society often looks down on those parents who keep their children at home, rather than putting them in daycare. That is the beauty of being able to think for yourself. So, which option is the best? That really depends on the situation. However, for parents who are hesitant to put their child in daycare, ask yourself why are you hesitating? 

Why People Hesitate

 The reason that people hesitate about putting their little one into a daycare is often due to ideals that are simply not true. For example, many people have this ideal that if a child is in daycare they are not being watched as thoroughly as they would if they were at home with parent. Other people think that a daycare is nothing more than a gated area for the children to sit and do nothing while their parents are at work. This is all wrong! 
At 2000Days we educate those kids in our care. We have a curriculum in which we offer, based on the age of the child. We treat every child with respect, always ensuring that they are happy, healthy and safe. Aer all daycares the same? Most certainly not! And it those daycares who are considered bad apples that have put a tarnished reputation on daycares everywhere. See More:
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Monday, September 9, 2019

Calgary Daycare - 2000 Days Pre kindergarten Calgary 

2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten 
5728 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0E2
(403) 319-2332
 We built our own using over a decade of child care experience. We wanted a safe, nurturing environment that was more than just a typical daycare. We wanted our son to truly learn, socialize AND have fun. More a school then a daycare…much more! Our goal was to make sure that our sons first 2000 days were as fun and educational as possible. We couldn’t find anything that fit all the criteria. So we used our experience in child care to open our own Calgary daycare school. Please take a look through our site and come for a visit. We hope you come to love 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten as much as we do! pre kindergarten calgary best daycare in calgary daycare sw calgary daycare calgary sw calgary daycare sw calgary daycare daycare calgary daycare calgary se calgary daycares daycares in calgary child care calgary calgary child care

Calgary Daycare

2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten Calgary, the top local daycare in Calgary, is currently enrolling new students. The daycare states that they follow a, “curriculum that is built on tried and true methods from all over the world. Not bogged down by one teaching method of philosophy,” and they believe that now is the perfect time for new students to get started.

2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten Calgary uses a teacher led, child-centric approach that is meant to encourage children to develop a love for learning new things and exploring the world around them. “By using children’s interests, we plan their week and guide them to learning and fun,” says the daycare, statement that is echoed on their website. “A special Plan-Do-Review part of the day (usually an hour) gets children thinking and in charge of their day. 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten has many extracurricular activities like yoga, dance, sports. Even our daycare teachers get 6-9 months of extra training on observation and our teaching methods.”

The daycare’s teaching style is similar to a 100 year old method of teaching called the Montessori program, developed by Maria Montessori. The program puts great emphasis on the child, and aims to give them as much freedom of choice as possible alongside the widest variety of options. Montessori incorporates a discovery approach to learning, where children are guided but allowed to make their own choices and follow their own path as opposed to being told what to do by an instructor. 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten’s methods are very similar to those prescribed by the Montessori program, with a few minor differences.

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